Our Comprehensive approach includes not only resolving the primary problem,
but also the secondary components that complicate the condition.
Left unresolved, these issues would ultimately bring the problem back.
This includes postural distortions, nerve and vascular impingements,
fascial restrictions, as well as the ergonomics of sitting, sleeping and standing.
The Individualized part is what makes everything work! Every single person’s
pain is unique. Your pain is made up of many different factors, and it
takes an individualized program to resolve your problem.
Our Manual Therapy Techniques normalize structure, promote tissue repair,
restore function, and most importantly, resolve pain.
All Manual Therapies are hands on, not machine based.
Some of these techniques include:
Myofascial Release, Manual Lymphatic drainage, Neuromuscular Therapy, Soft Tissue and
Joint Mobilization, Passive Stretching, Edge Technique, Feldenkrais Movements,
Comprehensive Decongestive Physio-Therapy, and Pain-Specific Stretches.

In the words of a patient…

“You need to tell everyone that you are different. I have been to umpteen therapists, and none have the results that you have…"

Patients tell it best. Read more in the Perspectives section.

Cookie Cutter Programs

You are Unique!
Don’t be short-changed by
cookie-cutter programs…

that may help a little at best, may hurt you more at worst, and ultimately leave you believing that you will never get better. Instead, CIMT® will address and resolve your problem.